Compound cakes firework

Compound cakes are multiple firework cakes pre-fused together on a single board. One fireworks compound cakes box consists of several smaller cakes fused together.

You only need to light the main fuse, which will set off all boxes in turn! Many compound firework cakes also have a secondary fuse, that is not to be lit at the same time as the main fuse.

Compound cakes firework

Compound cakes firework will give you multiple effects without the need to light multiple fireworks.

Here at Fireworks Den we have handpicked the best compound fireworks available in the UK – 1.3 g and 1.4g compound fireworks cakes.

1.3 g are category 3 fireworks, and depending on tube size and gunpowder content, the safety distance for viewing is either 15 m or 25 m.

1.4 g are classified as Category 2 fireworks. Safety viewing distance is 8 m. These compound fireworks barrages will have up to 2 kg of gunpowder.

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