Guy fawkes fireworks

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Happy Guy Fawkes Day or Bonfire Night to the UK!

We stock the best selection from our chosen fireworks manufacturers –  all hand picked and recommended for our customers.

Guy Fawkes fireworks 2020

Special selection for Bonfire Night – shop online for hand picked up fireworks for Guy Fawkes Day. Your Guy Fawkes display / bonfire night celebrations. All fireworks is delivered, shop collections are not available.

We watch hundreds of Firework videos, visit demo nights and select only the best for our shop and online store, saving you both time and money. Expert advice always available at our fireworks shop, or email us if you have  any questions.

Fireworks for Guy Fawkes Day

Guy Fawkes Day is the one night you’ll be excused, where appropriate, for making a lot of noise. Get hold of a nice mixture of firework colour, noises and effects. Some tips for you:

Everyone loves sparklers and they make a nice icebreaker before your display.
Consider glow sticks too as a safer alternative to these.

Include traditional items such as Catherine Wheels and fountains.
Keep a nice mix of ground based effects (fountains), medium level effects (cakes and candles) and high effects (rockets).

Have a nice opening or finish and pair up some bigger fireworks for added impact.

See the our Fireworks FAQ sections for more help if you have a quiet theme or are displaying in a small garden etc.

A combined Halloween and Guy Fawkes party creates a great atmosphere with both fancy dress and fireworks too!

But make sure your neighbours are aware and expect the fireworks.
Larger cakes (often called single ignition boxes or “displays in a box”) can provide a hassle free way of making saturated, near professional effects by lighting one fuse, ideal for less experienced firers, or if you don’t have time to set a full display up.

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