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Show Box 3 Fireworks

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Show Box 3 Fireworks – Single Ignition

133 shots of sheer excitement lasting for over 1 minute. The opening sequence is Awesome, starting with a Rapid Fire of rising Rising Coloured Tails bursting with Titanium Salutes!!! Next come graceful Green Strobes, followed by Red Strobes which fill the sky with Colour. Changing to a canopy of Crossette Breaks with everyones favourite Timed Rain Crackle Effect. A Mexican Wave of Green Coconut Palms and Green Mines leads to a Finale of Blue Tails and Crackling Blue Willow!!! Spectacular on it’s own or as part of a”Bigger Show”! Try it along with it’s Big Brother…Showbox 4 for a no fuss Show Stopper Spectacular!!!

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