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Crackling Cone

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Crackling 8″ cone fountain fireworks

8″ crackling cone fireworks fires multi coloured crackling stars up to 5 meters in the sky. It comes with combination of 2 effects firing at the same time – multi coloured stars with Crackle. This crackling cone fountain rises up to 5 metres high. It lasts around 50 seconds, building in height as it burns. Excellent Value for money. Beautiful firework effect if lighting multiple crackling cone fountains at the same time.

  • Category 2
  • 8 metres safe viewing distance
  • Up to 5 metres high
  • 50 second average duration
  • Vivid Colour and Crackles


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8″ Crackling Conic fireworks Fountain fires a Relentless Torrent of Multi Coloured, Crackling Stars up to 5 metres high into the sky, over a duration of approximately 50 seconds. Buy fireworks online or visit our London Fireworks Shop.

Buy 8″ crackling cone fountain firework online or visit us in our London fireworks shop


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