Fireworks For Christmas

We all expect fireworks at this time of year – more often than not they are to bring in the new year, but what about fireworks for Christmas? Afterall it is a time of year where lights are everywhere! We light up our high streets, we light up our homes, we light up our trees, so why not light up the night sky! Christmas is also a time where friends and family gather together – another great reason to celebrate with fireworks for Christmas.

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Here at Fireworks Den we have been preparing for this festive season ever since Guy Fawkes was over! We have an exciting new selection of fireworks for Christmas – many which are available to buy online, but even more available to purchase in store under the guidance of our firework experts. Let me start by talking about the selection boxes. These are always popular with families who might have limited space yet want a variation of fireworks. We have selection category 2 boxes in different sizes, and we even now have our Category 3 selection box back in stock. For those who aren’t too sure about firework categories, essentially the higher the number, the bigger the bang!


You can be more specific in your choices of fireworks for Christmas. Rather than choose a selection box, perhaps you are looking for barrages or single ignitions? These are firework displays in one box – light one fuse, stand back and enjoy! These are generally ariel fireworks, and increase in size and fabulousness the bigger they are! Here at Fireworks Den, we have videos for most of our fireworks available for you to watch online. This might help you to choose which firework is right for you! Of course, if you are in any doubt, please contact us!

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For those rocket fans of you out there, we have new rocket fireworks for Christmas this year. Check out ‘Star Fleet’ which includes 10 rockets, and each with a different effect! This one is already flying out the shop, so come quick before they all go. There are also a number of great fountains and Catherine wheels in stock as well as the ever-popular sparklers!



For those who want to keep Christmas as more of a cosy-inside-the-house affair this year, then the Indoor Fireworks are for you! However you choose to celebrate Christmas this year, make sure you get some fireworks for Christmas, and make it go with a bang! See you soon for our exciting New Year fireworks too!