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4th July

On 4th July 1776, 13 American colonies announced their separation from the powers of Great Britain by adopting the Declaration of Independence. It asserts that “All men are created equal” and was drafted by a committee known as the Founding Fathers – comprising  Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman and Robert R Livingston.



Curiously, Thomas Jefferson, died exactly 50 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence on 4th July 1826. In a strange coincidence, John Adams, another of the founding fathers also died on the very same day.



On 28th June 1870, the American Congress passed a law making 4th July a federal holiday – almost an entire century after the first Declaration of Independence was signed. American Independence Day has now become the most important secular holiday in the American calendar.




People celebrate this National holiday with hot dogs, beer, barbeques, and most importantly magnificent fireworks which light up the night sky. Amidst all of this barbequing and grilling, it is estimated that approximately 155 MILLION hot dogs are consumed across the states on this day alone! OMG!



Here in the UK, with so many ex-pats from America, the 4th July is one of the major firework celebrations in the year. Fireworks Den is located close to St Johns Wood in London where many Americans have chosen to set up home. As a result, we have become very busy at this time of year, and the choices on offer for our customers are now vast. We like to spoil our customers, and we have fireworks in almost every category for you to choose from. Roman candles, mines, cones, fountains, barrages, single ignitions (a whole display in one box) and selection boxes (perfect for smaller inner city gardens). We also have sparklers for those really limited with space – we don’t want anyone miss out on their special day! If you want to know about public events taking place across the capital this weekend, check this out….



From all of us here at FireworksDen, we wish you a very happy 4th July, and look forward to seeing you in store to help advise you on the best fireworks for your celebrations. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help!