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Alexandra Palace Fireworks

Some super exciting news has just reached us here at Fireworks Den. After 4 dormant years, Alexandra Palace Fireworks are returning for one spectacular night only! On the Saturday closest to Guy Fawkes Night, Saturday 2nd November 2013, the Alexandra Palace Fireworks will take place as part of a night full of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Gates are due to open at 2pm, and the fireworks will begin at 8pm – but get in early to bag a great spot! There is also a German bier festival happening alongside the Alexandra Palace fireworks that night. This will remain open until 11pm.




For those of you who are familiar with Alexandra Palace, you will know how great this is as a firework display venue. There are spectacular views over London as the palace is situated high up on a hill, and the palace itself is an impressive structure too. Built in 1873, ‘The Peoples Palace’ was North London’s answer to Crystal Palace in the South. In 1936, Alexandra Palace (which is now commonly known as Ally Pally) became the home of the BBC television service. Although the BBC has since relocated, the radio tower at Ally Pally still functions to this day, and the television studios still exist and exhibit historical television equipment. Alexandra Palace now serves as a multi-functional space complete with exhibition spaces, conference rooms, ice rink, boating lake, music venue, and of course is once again home to the Alexandra Palace Fireworks!

alexandra 1278217_69be4289  20090112_bbc-plaque

Due to previous financial struggles and safety regulations, The Alexandra Palace Fireworks display this year is a paid ticketed event. Ticket prices vary depending on how early you book! Early bird tickets cost as little as £4 each. You can get more ticket information here.You will also find out about transport to and from the Alexandra Palace Fireworks display here too. Driving is not recommended to planned road closures. Please note, that due to safely regulations, the organisers have requested that no fireworks, sparklers, pets, glass bottles or alcohol be bought to the party! If you would like to light your own fireworks and sparklers, then you need to buy them from us here at Fireworks Den and light them as part of your own private fireworks display. Remember we are here selling fireworks all year round, but stock will be very much in demand close to Guy Fawkes, so come in early to avoid disappointment. Contact us here for more information.





Celebrate Autumn

Yes, the Summer has well and truly left us, but do not despair, because here at Fireworks Den we can think of many reasons to celebrate autumn. We are not quite into the realm of those freezing nights, so take advantage of the last snippets of pleasant weather and take a look at some of the reasons we think you should celebrate autumn.


For a start, this time of year produces some of the most beautiful spectacles in the natural world. The leaves on the trees are turning into wonderful shades of reds and golden browns. There are myriad places across the UK to visit open parks and spaces to witness this for yourself. You can go to Kew Gardens in London for example (where there is currently a great exhibition about edible plants too). This is one of our top picks to celebrate autumn and see the plants changing across the seasons.



There are also a heap of other events happening across the capital. There is something for everyone whether it be family days out, romantic places to visit, or festivals and art events. Here are some of our top picks which we think will help to lessen the post-summer blues and instead to celebrate autumn.


  • The Great Gorilla Run – A 7km race around the streets of London dressed up as hairy gorillas in aid of mountain gorillas.

Of course, here at Fireworks Den, we think you should celebrate autumn with some fireworks! It’s not so incredibly cold outside just yet, but its getting darker earlier. This equates to perfect firework weather! We even have a firework with a perfectly apt name for this season. Check out ‘Ducks playing in the autumn leaves’. Of course there are many other fireworks available all year round at Fireworks Den, so if you are planning a firework evening to celebrate autumn – or any other occasion for that matter, then don’t hesitate to come in store or contact us and we will be happy to help.



Edinburgh Festival Fireworks

Every August, the Edinburgh International Festival transforms one of the world’s most beautiful cities, presenting three exhilarating weeks of the finest creators and performers from the worlds of the arts – for everyone. This culminates in one great spectacle – the Edinburgh Festival Fireworks.


The entire city is brought alive during The Edinburgh Festival as people travel from across the UK as well as from further afield to witness brilliant comedy, dance, visual art and music shows. Some of these are performed by amateurs, whilst there is also an abundance of more established artists too. As The Daily Telegraph said – ‘not just the most thrilling, beguiling, preposterously enjoyable place on Earth; it is also wonderfully addictive.’ Or as The Spectator suggested, ‘you can sleep in September’. You can sleep indeed, but once the flames from the Edinburgh Festival Fireworks have been extinguished.

Fireworks 1

This year was the 66th annual Edinburgh Festival since it began in 1947. The Festival grew out of the rubble of the Second World War to lift the spirits of those affected by the tragic war time happenings across Europe. Although comedy, music, art and dance do lift people’s spirits, nothing can do so with quite the same amount of gusto as a supreme firework display! At least that’s what we think here at Fireworks Den.


The Edinburgh Festival Fireworks took place this year on 1st September at 9pm for 45 minutes. The venue was Carlton Hill, right by the famous Edinburgh Castle. The 45 minute Edinburgh Festival Fireworks display was accompanied by music from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. 4 tonnes of fireworks were lit that night, which included the popular ‘waterfall of white light’ which cascaded down the sides of Castle Rock. This sees silver fireworks cascade 131 feet down the Castle rock – coarse aluminium flakes cause the fireworks to descend while fine aluminium flakes gives the display its silvery whiteness.


It is estimated that it took the pyrotechnic experts an entire week to set up the fireworks in order to synchronise perfectly with the live music. These were said to be placed at 17 different levels beneath Edinburgh Castle. With spectators numbering more than 250,000, the organisers wanted to get it right! There was certainly great anticipation for the Edinburgh Festival Fireworks – as this taster commercial for ticket sales was released, it whet the appetites of firework fans from far and wide!

So if that was the taster, what did the actual Edinburgh Fesitval Fireworks look like? Many spectators took videos which we are sure will appear on You Tube soon, however we have already found this one which gives a pretty good idea of what happened. Wow! What a show! If any of readers here at Fireworks Den were lucky enough to see and capture the Edinburgh Festival Fireworks, please send us your footage! There may even be a little prize in there for you!

Remember you can contact us here and we are open 7 days a week. We look forward to hearing from you soon!