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New Royal Baby

On 22nd July, Buckingham Palace announced the safe arrival of the new royal baby! This highly anticipated event has thrilled millions of people worldwide who have been following the progress of Kate’s pregnancy closely! On 23rd July, the swarms of media and lucky few members of the public were standing outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital (incidentally the local hospital to us here at Fireworks Den) as the new royal baby was revealed in person for the very first time. Only yesterday the Prince was given a name. The new royal baby is now known as Prince George Alexander Louis.


The birth of the new royal baby has led to parties being held all over the country to celebrate. Here at Fireworks Den, we were happy to read that fireworks have been used as part of many public celebrations. This includes celebrations in Bucklebury – the family home of the Duchess of Cambridge. You can read more about this celebration here.


Here at Fireworks Den, we have sold a great number of fireworks to people who were hosting their own private parties in honour of the new royal baby. We are pleased to have had such great weather in recent weeks making ideal conditions for lighting and spectating fireworks in the evening sky. Some of the most popular fireworks sold this week have included:

The Sapphire Selection Box. (View all selection boxes here)


Royal Fanfare Single Ignition. (View all single ignitions here)


Crown of Rubies Large Barrage. (View all large barrages here)


Big Mama Rocket. (View all rockets here)


Diamond Sun Catherine Wheel. (View all Catherine wheels here)


Of course the arrival of the new royal baby was a great excuse to light some fireworks, but you don’t need to wait for the next royal baby to light some fireworks of your own! You can light fireworks any night of the year before 11pm (apart from some nights which have extended hours for special occasions). When you decide to buy fireworks, remember to come to Fireworks Den where our experts are always on site to help you to choose the right firework for you, your budget and your venue. Contact us for more information.

Congratulations Kate and William (who might not have the time to read the blog this week, but we are sure they usually do!) from all of here at Fireworks Den.


Croatia Joined the EU

On 1st July 2013, Croatia joined the EU (Europen Union) becoming the 28th member country. Here at Fireworks Den, we thought this needed a special mention since one of our main firework experts is Croatian, and took a particular interest in the firework displays which took place.


After almost 20 years since her battle for independence, Croatia joined the EU at midnight on 1st July, and the main festivities took place in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia. President Josipovic said it was “a great and joyful day for our homeland”. Two-thirds of Croatians voted in favour of accession last year.

You can find out more about the the EU in general here, and particular reference to the implications for Croatia on these two websites.

You can watch a video of the moment Croatia joined the EU here – and at the end you will see the start of the fireworks which filled the main square in Zagreb.

This video shows more of the firework display so you can see for yourself quite the spectacle witnessed in the new member country.


Interestingly, in Croatia, all kinds of WEAK fireworks (which they refer to as 1st class, and include mostly small firecrackers) can be sold and used throughout the entire year Anyone 14 or older can buy them. 2nd class (stronger than 1st class, and also including rockets, small barrages and smaller cakes) and 3rd class (larger barrages and single ignitions, and the strongest firecrackers) can only be sold and used from the December 15 until the January 1. These can not be sold to anyone under 18 years of age, as they can cause serious injury if misused. This is very different to the rules here in the UK, where you can buy fireworks all year round! Yes, here at Fireworks Den, we have fireworks available every day of the week whatever your celebration. However the over 18 rule applies to all purchases!

On that note, a big WELCOME to Croatia as she joins the EU from all of us here at Fireworks Den.



Canada Day

Yesterday, 1st July 2013 saw huge celebrations for Canada Day. This year marks the 146th year after Canada became a kingdom in its own right. Canada Day is usually celebrated with parades, music concerts, and of course, fireworks! The main celebrations are held in the capital, Ottowa. Thousands of people gather at Parliament Hill to witness the firework displays held across the city.


The Ottawa Post has a fantastic video on their website which gives a great insight into the preparation for the Canada Day public firework display. You can watch this video here.

Of course the celebrations are not just in Ottawa. There is an element of friendly competition between some of the biggest cities across Canada as to which area draws the largest crowds!  One survery, which can be seen here, claimes that Toronto tops the polls, followed by Vancouver. Ottawa is allegedly was the third most popular city to celebrate Canada Day and to watch the fireworks!


Here at Fireworks Den, we think that the displays in all 3 of these cities looked outstanding, but our favourite is the Toronto display. Nothing beats a display over water – check out the reflections! As well as that, its timed to music too! You can take a look at some of the videos from last night’s celebrations and decide a favourite for yourself!

Ottawa Firework Display:

Vancouver Firework Display:

Toronto Firework Display:


Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends from all of us here at Fireworks Den!