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Firework Displays

When it comes to organising firework displays, there are many things to consider, from your venue, the budget, responsible places to source the fireworks from, and also how best to structure your firework displays to ensure maximum enjoyment from your audience. Like every good story, a firework display needs a beginning, a middle, and and end – or in this case – a fabulous finale with a bang!

Of course our blogs are only suggestions from our tried and tested methods when organising firework displays, so if you have your own preferred structure, then please go ahead! Remember, most people will not know how the display was meant to be structured, so do not panic if you light them in slightly the wrong order. Having said that, make sure you keep your finale till the end. But more about that later!

Beginning the display:

The opening of firework displays generally goes one of two ways. Either open the show with a bang to grab the attention of the spectators, or start with something smaller and build up the show from there. If you prefer the former, then a couple of great rockets are the way to go. They shoot high, they are loud, and certainly pack a punch. Take a look at the rockets for firework displays available at Fireworks Den here. For those of you wanting to start with something a little quieter, we would suggest using some ground fireworks such as mines, cones and fountains. You can check out our selection for your firework displays here. If you simply cant decide between a rocket start vs. a gentle opening, then perhaps mix some fountains with some roman candles or smaller barrages so there are some shots which go sky high. You might want to give out sparklers to the spectators to increase their involvement in the display. Everyone loves a sparkler!


The middle:

Here is where your firework displays get interesting. You need to introduce many colours, effects and sounds into the mix. You need to pick up the pace, leave no gaps between fireworks – perhaps even light more than one at a time. Remember fireworks need to be spaced a safe distance from each other, so you may need someone to help you if you want to light more than one firework at a time. It is at this part of firework displays that we would suggest introducing some small barrages, followed by some of the larger ones. Just be aware that some barrages so have rather spectacular endings, so don’t pick something that will overshadow your overall finale for the entire firework display. You can check out the small barrages and large barrages complete with videos on the Fireworks Den website. You might want to continue using some ground fireworks throughout the middle part of your firework displays rather than have everything with high flying shots.



The Grand Finale:

This is the part of the display that people will remember, so give them some great memories! It arguably the most popular part of the entire display even though it might only consist of one or two fireworks. Enter the single ignitions. Many of the larger ones have incredible finales sure to give that wow factor. Some of these have a very large spread, so make sure you have enough space to light these safely. Our favourite is Maximum Showtime. Check out the details and video here. Simply amazing.


So that is the story. Remember, grab the attention of the audience, avoid gaps in your firework displays, and end with a bang to remember!

Indoor Fireworks

Indoor fireworks are back! Many years ago, indoor fireworks were a popular way of creating that extra special finale to a party. However they created vast amounts of smoke and mess, and they were even considered potentially dangerous . As a result, many EU regulations led to indoor fireworks being prohibited in many countries. The good news is, after years of research and redesign, indoor fireworks are back on the market and available for you to buy now!

There are many varieties of indoor fireworks available to buy. Packs of indoor fireworks include some of the old favourites as well as new and exciting indoor fireworks too. There are still flashes and bangs with colourful effects, only this time without the excess smoke and mess.

There are two selection pack options of indoor fireworks available to buy at Fireworks Den. They offer slightly different fireworks from each other, but both a great choice if you want some variety in the choice of effects.

imgres imgres-1

In addition to these indoor fireworks, we also have ice fountains for sale. These are also suitable for use indoors. Ice fountains are a popular choice to use in a cake or champagne bottle, and there is also a handheld option available too. The effect of ice fountains is similar to a traditional roman candle firework, only on a smaller scale.

imgres-2 ice-candles-handheld-2pk

There are now even options for indoor sparklers in the indoor firework range. These produce less smoke than traditional sparklers used outside, and are therefore perfect for use inside.



We would still recommend that you are in a well ventilated room when using indoor fireworks, and that you they are used following all safety precautions. They are not toys and should be used by responsible adults.

For more information about indoor fireworks for sale, please visit the dedicated page on our website here.

We look forward to helping you soon. We are open 7 days a week.

Comic Relief

Comic Relief, or more commonly known as Red Nose Day falls on Friday 15th March 2013. Comic relief is a UK based charity which operates 365 days a year. However, on 15th March, the charity has a large scale televised event in order to raise awareness of international poverty, and most importantly, to raise money to help those people in need. Events are held across the UK – in schools, offices, as well as many privately organised events.

Here at Fireworks Den, we are suggesting you host a fireworks party in aid of Comic Relief, and ask friends to donate to the cause. You could watch all of the Comic Relief coverage on TV, and then take your friends outside and perform a wonderful firework display. It will be a great evening for all your friends and family to enjoy.

Why not choose fireworks with red coloured shots to keep in the Comic Relief theme. You can see all of our fireworks on our website. Our favourite red fireworks are ‘Crown of Rubies’ and ‘Zero to Sixty’. You need to make sure you have the right space to use these safely. You can always contact us for advice.

You can get more information about Comic Relief and how to make donations from their official website.

Have a great time, stay safe, and raise lots of money for Comic Relief!

Firework Categories

When it comes to buying fireworks, people often ask us for the biggest and loudest fireworks going – this is where firework categories need some explanation.

Firework categories are a way of classifying the quantity of gunpowder within each firework. This will determine how loud, how high, and how long each firework will last. Importantly, firework categories also dictate how fireworks can be sold, transported, and how they must be stored.

In simple terms, there are 3 main firework categories. Categories 2, 3, and 4.

Category 2 fireworks are ‘garden fireworks’. By British Standards, this means they only require a 5 metre safety distance and therefore they are most suitable for use in smaller spaces. They do not fire particularly high, and are not overly loud. This is ideal if using in densely populated urban areas – especially with children and pets around. This is not to say however that category 2 fireworks are boring. In fact here at Fireworks Den, our selection of fireworks in this category are still spectacular and extremely popular. For instance, check out this selection box. You get a lot of bang for your buck, and the variety is huge.

The next level up in the world of firework categories is level 3. These are known as display fireworks. They require a larger distance than category 2 (25 meters by current British Standards). They fire larger shots, and tend to be longer lasting. When purchasing these kind of fireworks, you have to think more carefully about the space around your display. Are there overhanging trees for example? Are there properties close by which could be affected by a firework with a ‘wide spread’? The choice of fireworks to buy in the category 3 range here at Fireworks Den is vast. These include some of our rockets and single ignition batteries. The largest firework for sale here at Fireworks Den is the great Maximum Showtime.  This is a best seller every time – check out the video. Sit back and enjoy the show. Be warned, its impressive!

So you want EVEN BIGGER? Well this is where we move one stage further in realm of firework categories. Enter category 4…..

These are strictly for professional use only. Yes, that means they cannot be sold directly to members of the public. These are the ones you are likely to see over the River Thames on New Year’s Eve! They really do need to be used in safe hands – pyrotechnic experts in fact. If it helps, we do stock fireworks from the very same manufacturer who create the London New Year’s Eve displays – however it is their category 2 and 3 ranges only.

For those of you who like knowing about the biggest and best records related to fireworks – check this out.

If you want more information about firework categories, there is plenty of information here.

In the meantime however, please feel free to get in touch with us at Fireworks Den. Our firework experts are happy chaps who will be more than happy to help and advise you on suitable fireworks for you to purchase. We look forward to speaking with you soon! We are open 7 days a week all year round, and offer a delivery service within the M25.